Lucas St. Claire

Face of the White Council.


Lucas: You have violated the First Law. Halt or be destroyed!

Lucas: You have broken the First Law and the Fifth Law.
Warlock’s head rolls off into the grass.
Lucas: So to all Breakers of the Laws.

Brandon Corvo. He tried to kill me!
Maeve: And you are still alive.

expensive ship Lucas owns falls on Outsider ritualist.
Caleb: I can’t pay for that.

Caleb to Alex after A;ex realizes they’re going to crash if she doesn’t do something.,
Caleb: If you already knew how, why’d you let me drive?

Moonflower: George Clooney told me to talk to you.
Caleb: When I came back from Iraq, I had a little trouble fitting back in. I went to see a therapist. I think he could really help you.

You ran background checks on a Winter fae?
DM: He has a really great credit score.

Brandon Corvo makes swords rain down from the sky, hiding the Sword of the Cross
Caleb: Oh God. I hate you// You in this case referring to Brandon.

Luz:I would like to buy a hot dog.
Sanya posing as crazy hot dog vendor: I ran out.

Luz naked.
Hojen: Please put some clothes on. It’s very distracting.

Rabbi Eshkol: Outsiders. after seeing Alex have no idea what he’s talking about "A demon. "

Edward: Was that the Statue of Liberty I saw walking by?

*After collapsing Shea Stadium with him in the middle of it, there’s a thumbs-up sticking out of the rubble. *
Brandon Corvo: So worth it.

Yuri the SI Werebear: Charged with wasting police resources*to Brandon*

*Sanya misses with a really low roll. Two to three times in one exchange *
DM: Worst Knight of the Cross ever.

:They teach you how to make trains in Warden School?

Eria: Stealing this is the equivalent of a neutron bomb!
Edward: I’ve done that before.

Edward:You sent me to steal bombs before. You said that amulet would explode.
Eria:I said, don’t say these words!