The Fomor

Signatories to the Unseelie Accords, the Fomor are first introduced in the short story “Even Hand” with the appearance of Mag , a cantrev lord who assaults Marcone’s office. They also appear in “Aftermath” kidnapping many low-level practitioners in Chicago and many major cities less than 24 hours after the end of “Changes”. The Formor (according to Gard) are water-dwellers, cousins to the Jotun, seers, sorcerers and shape changers. They are described as humanoid, tall (around seven feet) and froglike with pale skin and bulging eyes. The Formor capable of using magic have less of a “murphyonic field” than Dresden and are not impeded by running water like mortal wizards. They have specialised weapons that shoot out acid filled spines adapted and used in different ways similar to grenades, guns and mines (enchanted seashells serving as firebombs, for instance). When Marci is hit with a spike in “Aftermath” it dissolves a large hole into her shoulder. They are also supernaturally strong, resilient, and can both communicate and echolocate much as dolphins and bats do.

In Ghost Story, it is revealed that the Fomor are now making a play to be major magical powers, kidnapping mortals to transform into minions and aiming to take over the abandoned territories of the Red Court, or those powers leaving old territories to claim Red Court lands. Their minions are called ‘Turtlenecks’ because of their standard apparel, and Harry is told that they are old, old enemies of the Fey, a mixture of ancient gods, fallen fey, and rival spirits.