As with the Outsiders, little is known of dragons. The only dragon to have appeared (in shapeshifted human form) so far in the Dresdenverse was met by Harry at Bianca’s masquerade, in Grave Peril. It is unknown if they are beings of the Nevernever, combinations of spirit/mortal nature like vampires, or some other order of being altogether. What is known is extrapolated from things said and hinted at during the encounter in Grave Peril with the being called Ferrovax, self-identified as the eldest and strongest of his kind.

As noted, Ferrovax could shapeshift into human form, and possibly other forms; Ferrovax stated that dragons “are what [they] wish to be.” The true appearance of a dragon is (according to Ferrovax) terrifying enough to drive a beholder to madness; even in shapeshifted form, Ferrovax showed his true nature by his “smoking” an unlit cigarette. Ferrovax also demonstrated immense magical power when he casually blew Dresden off his feet using only half of Dresden’s Name, and then nearly crushed him with a glance. He is either immortal or long-lived enough to make no difference (his costume at the masquerade, a Roman centurion, appeared to be a legitimate relic of Imperial Roman times). However, the scope of his claims may merit at least a degree of skepticism; Michael Carpenter has fought and slain at least one other dragon, Siriothrax, suggesting either that not all dragons are as powerful as Ferrovax, or that the abilities of a Knight of the Cross are truly formidable.

Hojen is a half dragon that runs the Mahayana Budhist Temple in NYC. He has an army of man sized monkey’s that loot and bring back valuables to his massive treasure hoarde stashed inside the temple.

Ga’vriel is Hojen’s brother although both take on guises that look nothing like each other.