There have been several hints at Archangels in the series. The Archangel Michael is said to have given Esperacchius to Sanya, a Knight of the Cross. The Archangel Rafael (or one of his lieutenants) is said to have given power to a saferoom in the Carpenter household.

The Archangel Uriel is commented on by Queen Mab toward the end of Small Favor; she calls him “The Watchman”, and refers to three other Archangels as “the Prince of the Host”, “the Trumpeter”, and “the Binder of Demons”, presumedly Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael respectively. Uriel is described as ’Heaven’s spook’ by Harry. Harry also appears to be in debt to Uriel and might owe him a favor. In Small Favor, Harry is given the power of Soulfire, the magical opposite of Hellfire, by Uriel (intimated as a reward for doing good, and to replace his lost Hellfire). In the novelette “The Warrior” Harry meets Uriel again and Uriel explains how Harry and Michael are still doing good and fighting for it, despite the fact that Michael does not wield the sword anymore. Uriel also points out that he is not supposed to be explaining these things to Harry.

Uriel makes another appearance in Changes when Harry in a desperate struggle to escape from his paralysis summons him and attempts to convince him to heal him. Uriel is unable to act stating he had already done all he could although he gives Harry confirmation that his daughter is actually his and is not a deception by Susan or some other entity. Uriel in this conversation reveals that he is familiar with Odin (also known as Vadderung) whom Harry had met and informed him of the Red Court’s plans and the location where his daughter would be held at. Uriel leaves telling Harry “Whatever you do, do it for Love. If you keep to that, your path will never wander so far from the light that you can never return.”

One of the Archangels makes a personal appearance during the climax of Changes, appearing around Karrin Murphy as she wields the Sword of Faith, and it condemns the Red Court in the name of God before shielding her in the battle that arises. She promptly proceeds to kill one of the eldest of the Red Court and kick ass for Heaven.

During Ghost Story, Harry meets up with angels acting in several capacities, including sentries, guardians for the Carpenter household, an Angel of Death (they escort worthy souls to the Afterlife who might be attacked on the way there), and Uriel again. It is pointed out that Angels ARE their name after Harry gravely insults Uriel by cutting short his name in conversation…and that Uriel probably has the power to take out the entire Solar System if he desires.

Moonflower is sponsored by the angel Immuriel who she redeemed from The Denarians. She can now use soulfire.