DFRPG - NYC: You don't have to go home, but you shouldn't stick around here.

Chapter 2

Everyday Holyday

The word of Kemmler has been rediscovered and is being used to create a Dark Hollow ritual. Time is running short as a mysterious figure shows up in Calvary Cemetery and begins the encactment. Armies of undead begin to creep forth as the power spreads outwards. A strong necromatic aura begins eminating from the graveyard as the power of the ritual grows. Nothing living is safe within the aura as it rips the soul from your body further powering the ritual. If the mysterious figure succeeds the power will be drawn into him granting him god-like status.

The ‘heroes’ succeeded in interupting the ritual and the vortex of power struck like lighting driving the mysterious figure deep into a glowing red fissure. The hole appears bottomless as you peer down inside it. A sudden rumbling sounds from below and tremors shake the tombstones around you. The hole begins to expand as raw earth crumbles down inside it, slowly at first, but then it starts to pick up speed.


NinjaPlease NinjaPlease

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