DFRPG - NYC: You don't have to go home, but you shouldn't stick around here.

Chapter 3 Part 1
Saving Liberty

As the graveyard began to crumble into the growing hole in the earth, Grav’iel under cloak and shadow slipped away to return the animals to the Natural History Museum, and then to return home to his new found treasure, The Word of Kemmler.

Caleb O’Toole from his vantage from the helicopter could see what appeared to be a glowing red circle at the far bottom of the pit. A roaring scream shook the night as the hole finally came to a stop nearly five-hundred yards wide. The smell of sulfur filled the air as sparks and ash began to shoot forth. A rumbling bass chuckle reverberates along the remaining grave stones as dark figures began to pour from the hole shooting off into the night sky. Caleb’s Crossbow erupts in brilliant light as the creatures shriek to avoid it’s searing holy light.

The Wild Hunt gives chase, led by the Erlking himself, unleashed to do his bidding. The remaining Valkyries also take flight giving chase to whatever monstrosities have risen. Suddenly a massive shadow blots out the red circle and the air pressure changes as the hot sulfuric air emanates faster and faster from the hole.

Eight loud cracks are heard over the ensuing chaos as Lady Liberty pops her knuckles behind you. “Not on my watch!”, she bellows as she swan dives down the center of the hole disappearing out of sight. As quick as it began, the hole slams shut sealing the breach.

Simultaneously, every police radio starts going crazy with reports of fire bombings around town. A distress call is placed and it appears the targets of the attacks are buildings that have anything to do with religion. Churches and shops are being bombarded by explosions. A State of Emergency is issued along the entire North Eastern Seaboard and martial law is being declared to keep the Nation safe.

The cops zoom off to enforce the curfew and get people off the streets. The heroes figure out that it is a gateway to Hell and Mephistopholes was trying to escape from it. One of his aspects made it out and is summoning a ritual on Ellis Island which will infuse the ghosts of those that died waiting to get through with an Outsider from Hell.

The heroes make it to the island in time to stop the ritual by making him Alex’s sex slave. (I’ll elaborate the middle and end tomorrow, still have a lot to type and I’m ready for bed, but I didn’t want to leave it hanging.) :)

Chapter 2
Everyday Holyday

The word of Kemmler has been rediscovered and is being used to create a Dark Hollow ritual. Time is running short as a mysterious figure shows up in Calvary Cemetery and begins the encactment. Armies of undead begin to creep forth as the power spreads outwards. A strong necromatic aura begins eminating from the graveyard as the power of the ritual grows. Nothing living is safe within the aura as it rips the soul from your body further powering the ritual. If the mysterious figure succeeds the power will be drawn into him granting him god-like status.

The ‘heroes’ succeeded in interupting the ritual and the vortex of power struck like lighting driving the mysterious figure deep into a glowing red fissure. The hole appears bottomless as you peer down inside it. A sudden rumbling sounds from below and tremors shake the tombstones around you. The hole begins to expand as raw earth crumbles down inside it, slowly at first, but then it starts to pick up speed.

Chapter 1
A Night Without a Sword is Like a Day Without the Son

The Order of the Blackened Denarius have obtained a sword of the cross and carried it here (away from the ‘retired’ Knight and his troublesome allies). They are attempting a ritual that involves several days of preparation. The climax of the ritual is for an innocent person to be slaughtered within the circle of power by a sorcerer named Jet. They are currently corrupting him with promised power from the coin of Akariel.

Once the ritual is complete and the sword destroyed, Jet intends to be a willing partner to the Denarian within the coin.


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