Things don’t just go bump in the night here – they will knock down your door. Since the Red Court Vampires were destroyed things went from bad to worse. Every minor to major supernatural organization is making a play to claim old Red Court holdings and fill the recent void. Crime rates have quadrupled throughout the entirety of North and South America as the monsters grow bolder and bolder.

With the world in chaos police forces and SI units are struggling to keep people and their cities safe. NYC has imposed an 11:30 curfew that is strictly enforced. Anyone out on the streets at night are considered to be miscreants and baddies and are immediately detained.

Religious leaders have been disappearing as well. The Paranet reports that nation wide priests, rabbis, bishops, and monks are mysteriously vanishing from their rooms. As of yet no one has been able to turn up who his behind this, or why this is happening.

Get ready for denarians running rampant…evil sorcerers trying to destroy religious artifacts…necromancer’s raising grave yards….an army of monkeys!

DFRPG - NYC: You don't have to go home, but you shouldn't stick around here.

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